Sun’s Out, Guns Out – Student Project Game

Sun’s Out, Guns Out is a fun third person beat ‘em up that blends bodybuilding and Ikaruga-esque color based shoot ‘em up gameplay.

In Sun’s Out, Guns Out you take control of one of two muscle-bound hunks as they strut their stuff on the sun-soaked Venice Beach. However, not everyone is out to have a good time – aliens have invaded the beach and are keen to put your flexing fun to an end. Thankfully your muscle-bound and ridiculously oiled body is perfect for deflecting the projectiles they fire at you. Time to strike a pose and dispatch those pesky aliens for good!

Sun’s Out, Guns Out plays a little like a third person beat ‘em up and a little like a shoot ‘em up. You can walk around, and pick up and throw objects, punch enemies, and slide along the ground. Your most useful abilities are to strike a pose by holding the left trigger or to flex by holding the right trigger. The Pose (Red) can help you deflect red projectiles and the Flex (blue) can help you deflect blue projectiles – and if you time your button pressed right then you’ll even fire the projectiles back at your enemies and earn some health.

The gameplay in Sun’s Out, Guns Out is fairly shallow, but it offers a nice amount of challenge in the later stages and the bodybuilding bullet dodging gameplay is a great premise. Get your guns out and send those aliens packing!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Sun’s Out, Guns Out Here (Windows)