Sunset Devils – Kickstarter Demo

Sunset Devils is an isometric weird west action shooter that uses a uniquely complex control scheme for its weapons.

In Sunset Devils you are a gunslinger who was lynched on a tall tree in the old west. You should be dead, but it appears that the powers that be have other plans for you. You grab your hat and your knife and set out for vengeance in a land filled with gunslinging bandits.

The movement and melee attacks in Sunset Devils are fairly normal, but things get a whole lot more complex when you grab a gun. Each gun in the game has different mechanics based on their real world counterparts. So, for instance, to fire the handgun you need to manually break the gun, eject the old shells, load in each new shell manually, close the gun, cock the trigger, aim and fire.

It’s a very promising game with tons of style and tactical combat that makes you really work for each shot. It could do with reconfiguring the awkward weapon selection system and scavenging bullets from guns is a real chore, but the reloading mechanics are a lot of fun and mean you have to be sure every time you pull the trigger.

Download The Sunset Devils Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows)