Sunset Hills – Beta Demo

Sunset Hills is a delightful point and click adventure, with a touch of Professor Layton to it, where a soldier-turned-novelist goes to meet an old friend in a quaint little town.

In Sunset Hills you follow the adventure of Nico – an anthropomorphic dog who became a novelist after being discharged from the army. He’s now setting out to meet an old army friend in the small town of Tobik. Doug has inherited his family’s hotel and may still be looking for his missing mother. Perhaps you’ll be able to shed some light on her whereabouts on your adventure.

Sunset Hills plays much like a traditional point and click adventure (though you can opt to have direct control of the character if playing with a controller) and sees you meeting interesting characters, searching for useful items and using them to solve puzzles. Most puzzles are a little more involved than simply combining objects and there does seem to be a bit of a Professor Layton influence to the game.

The demo build of Sunset Hills features an impressively large chunk of gameplay, and allows you to see a lot of the town of Tobik and its residents. It’s a very charming place to explore, with a pleasant atmosphere, fun characters to mees and a beautiful art style. It makes for a very pleasant puzzle adventure that will tax your brain and make you smile.

Note: Steam says “English Is Not Supported” but the game is actually in English

Download The Sunset Hills Beta Demo Here (Steam)