Sunset Surf: A Lifeguard Adventure – Alpha Demo

Sunset Surf: A Lifeguard Adventure is a charming narrative-driven open world adventure where you spend a summer making friends, becoming a lifeguard and enjoying life in an 80s seaside town.

In Sunset Surf: A Lifeguard Adventure you take on the role of a young woman who has gone to stay with her grandpa for the summer in an idyllic seaside town. Your grandpa was a renowned beachmaster around those parts in his prime and you are looking to follow in his footsteps by becoming a lifeguard. It won’t be easy, your trainer is pretty hard to please, but you’ll meet a lot of people and have some fun along the way.

There’s a lot to discover and do in Sunset Surf’s charming seaside town. It’s full of people to talk to and activities to do, from pumping iron to rhythm-action piano playing, with most of the activities played out via fun little minigames. Lifeguarding is your main vocation though and you’ll have to keep a keen eye on the beach area to keep swimmers and beachgoers safe.

It’s a fun game and Sunset Surf’s charming seaside town is a refreshing change of pace from the violence or apocalyptic peril of most open world adventures. It’s a great place to slow down, unwind and just enjoy yourself. A happy slice of sunshine that will brighten your day.

Download The Sunset Surf Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)