Sunset Witch – Alpha Demo

Sunset Witch is a pixel art bullet hell platforming adventure where a young witch attempts to save the local botanic garden from an invading demonic rabbit cult.

Currently in development by Angus Beer (creator of Fragment) Sunset Witch is a fun game that blends platforming with bullet hell as you blast your way through an army of demonic rabbit cultists. The game controls much like a traditional platformer but your attacks and enemy attacks are much more like a bullet hell shooter (your character even has a small Shoot ‘em up style hit box).

You can shoot out a constant stream of magical bullets and you also have a high powered special attack you can unleash once it’s charged up. Each of the different enemies has different attack patterns, weapons and defenses to deal with and there are also powerful boss battles to deal with.

It’s a fun game that does a good job of fusing the platforming and bullet hell shooter genres together to make a unique gameplay experience. The pixel art animation is excellent and there’s lots to discover as you blast your way through it’s charming world.

Download The Sunset Witch Alpha Demo Here (Windows)