Super Battle Cycle – Game Jam Build Download

super battle cycle game

Super Battle Cycle, a top down toy motorcycle action game made for the Ludum Dare 37, has you using your biking skills to defeat the other toys in your room!

You are a brand new Super Battle Cycle toy – a cool little motorcycle equipped with a gun and a grappling hook. You figured your life as a toy would be simple, but as it turns out the other toys are not a fan of you. So you must defeat them to become the best toy in the room!

You can combat your enemies in two ways; by shooting them with your guns or by latching your grappling hook onto boxes and swinging them into their path. Ammo is very limited though and can only be refilled by destroying enemies, so you cannot rely on your gun. To survive you must master dragging these boxes around and smashing them into enemies.

Its quite a simple game that impresses with its fun top-down box swinging combat and charming pixel art visual design.  A great little bash-em-up well worth taking a swing at.

Play or Download Super Battle Cycle Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)