Super Blood Hockey – Beta Download

Super Blood Hockey

Super Blood Hockey is a charming blend of retro pixel art visuals, arcade ice hockey gameplay and a bit of good old fashioned ultra-violence!

Anyone who ever played one of EA’s NHL games during the 16-bit era will feel right at home with Super Blood Hockey’s gameplay.  You control your team of little skating hooligans and attempt to beat your opponents (in more ways than one), with fast paced and brutal retro ice hockey gameplay that doesn’t bother too much with silly things like rules!

Your can select your team members at the start of the match, each of which have their own individual stats. None of that really matters once the ref starts the game though, as all hell breaks loose, as bodies and blood get spread across the arena.  It’s telling that the the only button you can use to tackle your opponent is the one that delivers a full force punch to the face. Punch your rivals too much and a full scale fight will even break out where you attempt to be the last team standing. You won’t even get penalized for your brutal actions – in fact the refs only function seems to be to act as a punching bag for the players!

Because the violence is relentless, after a bit of play you get a little desensitised to it, but even without the novelty of Super Blood Hockey’s violence it’s still a surprisingly fun little retro ice hockey game (especially in multiplayer). We’d love to see a few more additions (sprinting would be handy and fatalities would be awesome), but it’s already shaping up to be a great slice of retro skating carnage. Bloody good fun.

Note: If The game doesn’t load, it’s most likely because you need to install this Microsoft XNA Runtime

Download The Super Blood Hockey Beta Here (Windows)