Super Bowsette – Beta Download

Super Bowsette is a surprisingly good retro platformer with a fire-breathing Bowsette, challenging level design, secrets and the ability to level up your character.

The current Beta build of Super Bowsette features four full levels and one bonus level, with each level offering a nice variety of environments and enemies to dispatch. The level design and visual style is most reminiscent of Super Mario World, but it does look and feel very much like its own game, rather than a Super Mario World mod.

Bowsette combines the fire breathing ability of Bowser with the hover jump ability of Peach. While this would make most traditional Mario levels far too easy, the level design and enemies you deal with still manage to create a nice amount of challenge. Interestingly, you can also earn XP to level up your character, increasing your abilities and stats as you do (the main one you’ll notice in the Beta is that it increases the amount of hits you can take).

Though it’s based on a meme from last year, Super Bowsette is a surprisingly well made little platformer. The pixel art animation is excellent, the levels are well designed and Bowsette’s abilities work well within them. A great little 2D Bowsette adventure well worth jumping on.

Check out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Super Bowsette Beta Here (Windows)