Super Buckyball Tournament – Alpha Download

Super Buckyball Tournament is a futuristic competitive multiplayer ball sport where augmented humans and robots compete to outscore each other in fast paced 3v3 matches.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha sign upSuper Buckyball Tournament is a Rocket League-esque multiplayer ball sport where you try to outscore your opponents in futuristic arenas. It features real-time physics, six uniquely skilled characters to choose from, Mario Kart-esque useable power-ups and an assisted pass system that makes it easier to play as a team.

It is clearly inspired by Rocket League, but Super Buckyball Tournament does play very differently. The fact that the ball (sort of) sticks to your feet gives you much more control of what you do with it and the various power-ups and special abilities really shake up the gameplay. Well worth checking out if you fancy your futuristic balls sports with a little more finesse.

Download the Super Buckyball Tournament Alpha Here (Steam)