Super Buckyball Tournament – Open Beta

Super Buckyball Tournament delivers a slick and strategic take on the Rocket League-esque futuristic ball sort genre, as players compete using uniquely skilled characters in 3v3 matches.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during Alpha testing Super Buckyball Tournament is a futuristic cyberpunk 3v3 multiplayer sports game that delivers a less chaotic and more tactical take on the genre that Rocket League kickstarted. The game features seven unique characters, each of which has two powerful special moves and are suited to playing in different positions in the arena.

Players can designate positions before matches, you can dribble the ball, you can pull off precision passes to teammates and you can aim the ball reasonably well before kicking it. All of which makes Super Buckyball Tournament a much less chaotic experience then the likes of Rocket League and it feels a little more like a traditional game of football (albeit with cyborgs, special abilities and a massive metal ball).

It’s an easily accessible and refined take on the futuristic ball sports genre that should allow for some excellent hig level competitive play. Jump in now for some cyberpunk Buckyball fun.

Download the Super Buckyball Tournament Beta Here (Steam)