Super Cell Dungeon – GameJam Build

Super Cell Dungeon

NES Jam entry Super Cell Dungeon does more than get your blood boiling. It’s chaotic, platform-hopping, skeleton-shooting from start to finish.

The goal is simple: kill enough enemies to get the key to open the door to the next level. Play as the archer or the mage, each with a different ability of course. The archer can double jump while the mage can float in the air holding the jump key similar to Peach’s float ability in Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES. Collect potions as they appear to gain faster and stronger projectiles.

Players will encounter skeletons, ogres, bats, and red super versions of the skeleton and ogre that move faster. The spawning speed of enemies will vary, resulting in a lot of frantic jumping from platform to platform in order to avoid being hit. One touch from an enemy sprite and the player dies. There’s only one life provided at the start unless the player collects 100 coins to be rewarded an extra life in order to prevent game over and a complete restart.

It’s a fast, fun and challenging Jam game, heavily inspired by Super Crate Box, and well worth checking out for a blast of arcade action and funky retro visuals.

Download Super Cell Dungeon HERE