Super Clash Bros – Alpha Demo

Super Clash Bros is a fantastic fan made Smash Bros-esque fighting game where each character retains the visual style, moves and characteristics of the original game they are from.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when back in 2017, Super Clash Bros has since added new characters, arenas, game modes and features (including online play). It’s a multiplayer fighting game that allows up to four players to choose from a selection of classic video game characters and do battle in various video game themed arenas. This may sound a lot like Smash Bros, but in reality of plays a lot differently…

For starters the fights in Super Clash Bros are fights to the death (health bars instead of ring-outs), but more importantly all the characters look and play as they would in each of their respective games. This not only means that each character has their own unique abilities but the power-ups they collect are specific to them and even their health system is the same as in their games. So for instance, Megaman will earn one of the Megaman boss abilities if he collects a power-up, Sonic uses rings for health, Mario uses his traditional mushrooms and power-ups for health and you can swallow an opponent with a Yoshi to instantly kill them.

There are currently 13 playable characters (though you can unlock more if you’re a Patreon supporter), with a roster including Samus, Megaman Classic, The Contra Soldiers, Megaman X, Link, Knuckles, Sonic, Mario, Luigi, Tales, Bowser, Scorpion and Michael Jackson (from the Moonwalker game). Each character also has multiple different skins – so for instance, for Mario you can choose between his various 8-bit and 16-bit versions. Also, aside from the traditional battle more there is also an adventure mode, which allows you to play through classic video game levels with any character (currently limited to Super Mario Bros) and there’s a horde infection mode, where hordes of AI Yoshis attempt to turn the players into Yoshis.

It’s a very impressive game that manages to nail the feel of each classic video game character and keep them true to their original form whilst still managing to create a fun and balanced fighter. Also, there’s a certain pleasure to being able to brutally uppercut Mario and pals with Scorpion! Highly recommended.

Check out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Super Clash Bros Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)