Super CLASH Bros (Mario V Sonic: Dawn of Clash Bros) – Prototype

Super CLASH Bros (a.k.a. Mario V Sonic: Dawn of Clash Bros) is an awesome new Smash Bros style multiplayer platform brawler in which all the characters keep all their skills, control-style health bars and power-ups from their original games – so Mario can ride Yoshi, Megaman has a puny little jump and Sonic uses rings as health.

Super CLASH Bros is built to answer the questions that have been dogging gaming since the 90’s console wars – who would win in a fight if the characters were kept accurate to their original games? Sure, Smash Bros has kind of addressed the question, but in Smash Bros you’re not really playing with those original characters, you’re playing with modern re-imaginings of them. Super CLASH Bros pretty much lifts the characters straight out of their original games and lets them scrap it out in arenas based on classic games.

There are seven playable characters in the current build of Super CLASH Bros (Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Link, Sonic, Tails and Megaman), with some of the characters having extra skins – such as Mario’s different skins from the various 8 Bit/16 Bit Mario games or Megaman’s Samus and Master Chief skins. All of the characters have their own classic movement, health counter and special moves, and if you grab a power-up from the various power-up boxes you’ll be given a power-up specific to that character – so Sonic will gain different types of protective bubbles, Link gains arrows and bombs, Megaman earns Boss-style power-ups and Mario has an assortment of suits and can even ride Yoshi!.

It’s still early in development but Super CLASH Bros is already a very impressive achievement – a brawler that faithfully recreates classic video game characters and still manages to keep it reasonably well balanced. Judging by the intro screen the dev plans to add a whole lot more characters into the mix too – it’s going to be interesting to see who really is the greatest video game fighter of all time!

Important Note: We highly recommend downloading the game rather than playing the browser based version as it has controller support and plays better.

Check Out A Super CLASH Bros Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play The Super CLASH Bros Prototype Here (Windows or Browser)