Super Crazy Rhythm Castle – Beta Demo

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle is a rhythm action puzzle platforming adventure where you overcome a king’s twisted challenges in a magical musical castle.

Playable in single-player or co-op with up to four players, in Super Crazy Rhythm Castle you set out to conquer a castle that’s filled with different types of musical challenges. There are some traditional Guitar Hero style conveyor belt button pressing sections, but for the most part, the rhythm action elements are integrated into more unique minigames. And even when there are Guitar Hero style sections, you’II also have to multitask in different ways (such as clearing debris from the play area ).

It’s a delightful game, with a catchy soundtrack, vibrant visuals and lots of fun twists on rhythm action gameplay. It’s certainly more fun with multiple players (particularly sections that require multitasking), but it’s also pretty enjoyable when played solo. A magical musical adventure with tons of cheery charm.

Download The Super Crazy Rhythm Castle Beta Demo Here (Steam)