Super Dark Deception – Beta Demo

Super Dark Deception is a fun 16-bit styled demake of Dark Deception, which sees you racing around mazes and collecting shards while avoiding murderous monsters.

While the original Dark Deception was essentially a first person horror Pac-Man game, Super Dark Deception switches back to a top-down perspective so it feels even more like a horror homage to Namco’s classic. The full game will see you revisiting 16-bit recreations of classic Dark Deception and gathering soul shards while avoiding the freaky creatures that lurk in them.

The Super Dark Deception demo build features one level – the hotel filled with murder monkeys. Much like the original, the gameplay does sometimes get a little repetitive and occasionally feels unfair (some special abilities would be good to shake things up a little), but it’s a fun game nonetheless and gets very intense at times. Furthermore, the 16-bit styled pixel artwork is exceptional and the voice acting really elevates the whole experience. Pac-Man has never been so scary!

Check Out A Super Dark Deception Gameplay Video Here

Download The Super Dark Deception Beta Here (Steam)