Super Dream Dasher – Beta Demo

Super Dream Dasher is a fast paced Sonic inspired 2D platforming adventure where a little purple ball with a nifty dash ability sets out to save their planet after it’s shattered into pieces.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018 (when it was called Dream Dasher), Super Dream Dasher is a good old fashioned old school platforming adventure with a focus on speed, precision dashing and collectibles. In the game you take control of a little purple ball called Wish. Your planet has just been shattered into pieces by a mysterious cloaked figure and you must set out to stop them and hopefully repair the planet.

The current build of Super Dream Dasher features 18 unique levels (including a boss fight) and one hub area where you can wander around and get to know the locals. Your main ability is the dash, which can be aimed in any direction and used to dodge hazards, kill enemies and dash through lines of collectibles (called TurnUps). Mastering your dash ability is key to getting a good rating on each level as you race through them and try to grab all the TurnUps.

It’s a very promising old school platforming adventure that scratches that Sonic-esque speed platforming itch while also feeling new and fresh. The painterly cartoon visuals are beautiful and the levels have a nice sense of speed and flow to them, with plenty of replayability as you attempt to chase a fast speed and a good star rating. A delightful dashing platformer full of charm and challenge.

Download The Super Dream Dasher Beta Demo Here (Steam)