Super Duper Ship 2 – Alpha Download

Super Duper Ship 2 is a challenging blend of vertically scrolling bullet hell action and SUPERHOT, in which you weave your defenseless little ship through dangerous levels where time only moves when you do.

In Super Duper Ship 2 you control a nimble little ship with your mouse, pointing in the direction you’d like it to move. Each level is packed full of deadly hazards for you to weave through, but as in SUPERHOT, time will only move when you – which means you have a bit of time to plan your route, turning each level into a vertically scrolling hazard dodging puzzle.

The current build of Super Duper Ship 2 features five levels, and requires some real skill to weave your way around them. As you progress you can unlock new skills such as a shield or teleportation, but one of your most useful attributes it the ability to influence the movement of the enemy rockets, guiding them towards enemy turrets to blow them up.

It’s a challenging little game, with stylish minimalist visuals, and addictive time-bending shoot ‘em up gameplay that effectively turns each level into a fast-paced rocket-dodging puzzle. A super duper little shooter.

Download The Super Duper Ship 2 Alpha Here (Windows)