Super Furniture Man – Game Jam Build

Super Furniture Man is a short narrative driven physics based platforming adventure about a man who is trying to save his beloved possessions from in incoming flood.

Super Furniture Man is a short platforming adventure about a man who is so attached to his furniture that he actually called himself “Super Furniture Man”. In this game he’s not just emotionally attached to the furniture, but physically also, as you stick pieces of furniture to him to help him to transport it to safety from an incoming flood.

You need to try and attach all the furniture to Super Furniture Man in such a way that he can roll and overcome the various obstacles in his way. The furniture is quite heavy and makes it quite hard to move, but some of it does have some uses – such as the hair dryer that blows you along and the microwave that can fire you up into the air. It is very tough though, maybe there’s an easier way…

It’s a great little game with fun physics based puzzle platforming, a cheerful visual style, two unique endings and a nice moral to the story. Will you turn the tables and escape to safety?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play Super Furniture Man Here (Windows, Mac & Browser)