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Super Hate is an odd fusion of modern Hotline Miami-style run and gun combat and a deliberately old school control scheme that makes killing the bad guys a whole lot harder – this isn’t a twin stick shooter, it’s a SINGLE stick shooter!

The devs of Super Hate (working title) have decided that modern gamers have it a little too easy and by reverting back to a pre-Robotron 2084 single stick control scheme have removed an important ability that players have been taking for granted for years – the strafe. The inability to strafe out of the way of gunfire means that you have to adapt your gameplay and take a much more deliberate and planned approach to gunfights.

Super Hate is still very much a work in progress so it does have a few rough edges and glaring omissions – such as the inability to walk backwards (which may be deliberate) and the lack of a melee button (that can really screw you up if you run out of ammo). The control scheme doesn’t necessarily make for a better game than the likes of Hotline Miami but it is an interesting experiment that makes for a unique top down shooting experience. A fun top down shooter that will really make you appreciate the simple pleasures of the strafe!

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available

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  1. Hi! Thanks for this review. We still tihinking about controlls and how better implement no-strafe idea.

    And, actually, melee-hit-mechanic in progress : )

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