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Super Helpful Man Game Download

Super Helpful Man is a charming, melancholic and (at times) laugh out loud funny little point and click adventure in which you play a “superhero” whose powers are failing due to old age.

Super Helpful Man was created in just 72 hours for Ludum Dare 39 by ABG regulars, Point Bleep Studios. Unlike their previous releases (Murder 38, How To Cope With Boredom and Loneliness), Super Helpful Man offers a slightly more heartfelt and melancholic take on the point and click genre, but still offers up plenty of quirky charm and the occasional hilarious moment.

In the game you play Roy Hardcastle, an old man who once made a name for himself in the local town by dressing up as a superhero and using his “Power of Handiness” to help people fix things like clogged sinks and exposed electrical wires. Obviously lots of people laughed at him, but in the end people warmed to him and he became a bit of a local celebrity. Now in his twilight years, Roy’s powers of eyesight and coordination are starting to fail him, but he won’t rest as long as his old foe, wear and tear, is still around.

In the game you use your powers of handiness to carry out odd jobs for people. You have most of the equipment you need in your van, but sometimes you’ll need to use items you find in the surrounding area too. The puzzles aren’t that tricky, but that’s not the man draw in Super Helpful Man. The main reason to play the game is just to spend some time with Roy – an aging eccentric old superhero with a heart of gold.

The writing, pixel artwork and voice work throughout Super Helpful Man are all excellent, really helping to draw you into the experience and earning Roy a special place in your heart. He may not be the best superhero in the world (he may not actually even be a superhero), but he’s devoted to his cause and will strive to help citizens with their minor quibbles until his last breath.

Tip: Before you can work on the exposed wires you’ll need to click on them and the icon of Roy’s head to zoom in on them first.

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