SUPER-HIT GEAR HONORED is a very silly first person spy simulator with visuals inspired by SUPERHOT, gameplay inspired by Hitman, Metal Gear Solid & Dishonored and ragdoll physics that seem to be inspired by an epileptic frog attached to an electric fence.

In SUPER-HIT GEAR HONORED you step into the role of Agent 42 – an agent of a Mission Impossible style covert ops unit who is tasked with infiltrating a party, stealing a nuke remote, killing the evil boss and escaping on a helicopter. Gaining access to the party is easy enough but when the shit hits the fan things can get pretty chaotic as the stealth and combat in SUPER-HIT GEAR HONORED is nowhere near as robust as the games it’s inspired by – often to comic effect. A particular highlight is the ragdoll effects which seem to catapult anyone you shoot through the air as their limbs spasm randomly.

SUPER-HIT GEAR HONORED has a whole lot of rough edges, but that’s what makes it so fun. Sure it can be frustrating to get shot by a guard through no fault of your own, but it’s a funny little game, the ragdoll physics are hilarious and the theme tune is excellent!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download SUPER-HIT GEAR HONORED Here (Windows)