SUPER III – Alpha Download


SUPER III is a (very) fast-paced, pixel art puzzle platformer which uses teleportation and screen-wrap gameplay mechanics to great effect.

As you’d expect from the developer of Frog Sord, your character (III) is remarkably nimble, with an ability to run, jump and wall-jump with a pleasing amount of precision.  Where the game really comes into it’s own is the use of your characters teleportation ability, with you able to horizontally teleport instantly to the first wall/block in your line of sight.  When this is combined with the screen-wrapping of the levels it can make for some truly mind-bending level design, requiring quick reflexes and quick thinking as you solve puzzles on-the-fly (while trying not to die).

SUPER III is still very early in development (the current build even lacks sound), but I’d love to see more of this inventive, intelligent and challenging puzzle platformer.  For the full release, the dev plans to have an over-world and mission structure inspired by Super Mario 64, over 100 missions spanning 5 chapters, Epic Boss fights and chaotic 4 player deathmatches.  SUPER challenging, SUPER smart, SUPER fun, SUPER III.

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Download the Alpha HERE