SUPER IS HOT – Game Jam Build Download

SUPER IS HOT is a fantastic mashup of Baba is You and SUPERHOT, where time (among other things) only moves when you tell it to!

Created for the 7dfps 2020 game jam, SUPER IS HOT fuses Baba is You with SUPERHOT to create a FPS puzzler where you make and break the rules. The game looks very much like SUPERHOT and would play exactly the same too if you set the rules to “Time|Is|Move|When|You|Is|Move”, but at any time during a level you can press “E” to bring up the Baba is You interface that allows you to rearrange the rules. This can allow for some very inventive solutions to each level as you manipulate time and even yourself in clever ways.

The current build of SUPER IS HOT may only feature six levels, but they’re very well crafted and they all have unique solutions that really make you think outside of the box. It’s a very clever mashup of two very different games which works incredibly well. One of the most creative takes on the FPS genre since SUPERHOT (which also was born in a 7dfps game jam!)

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download SUPER IS HOT Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)