Super Lumi Live – Early Access Key Giveaway

super lumi live game

Super Lumi Live is a fun fast paced platforming adventure with a focus on speed running and hardcore precision platforming as you run and jump through its deviously designed neon-filled levels for an extreme reality TV show.

Each level in Super Lumi Live has a selection of collectables to find and a wide array of deadly hazards that you’ll need to dodge on your way to the exit. The precision platforming gameplay is simple but refined, with you able to run, dash and double jump with pixel perfect control. The levels are well designed too, with a nice amount of variety and often featuring multiple routes and fun little surprises to discover. A challenging and well crafted precision platformer well worth checking out.

We Have 50 Early Access Keys to Giveaway for Super Lumi Live! Perform any of the acton in the widget below for a chance to win. Winners will be notified tomorrow. Super Lumi Live is also available to purchase via right now.

Super Lumi Live – Game Key Giveaway