Super Mario Bros. Papercraft – Prototype Download

Super Mario Bros. Papercraft is a fun little fan made twist on Nintendo’s classic Mario game that recreates it in a 2.5D papercraft style!

At the moment Super Mario Bros. Papercraft features a faithfully recreated papercraft version of the entire first world of Super Mario Bros., complete with Bowser fight, secret pipes , enemies and power-ups. It even has the warp zone at the end of stage 1-2, but at the moment it just teleports you to the next level (as there are no other worlds to teleport to).

The actual gameplay in Super Mario Bros. Papercraft is very imprecise and buggy, but the charming papercraft style more than makes up for it. The 2.5D background looks excellent and the way each of the characters, power-ups and clouds are supported by little sticks is a great little touch. Hopefully the dev manages to tighten up the controls a little as the aesthetics have a lot of potential.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Super Mario Bros. Papercraft Prototype Here (Windows)