Super Mario Flashback – Tech Demo

Super Mario Flashback combines some of the mechanics of modern Mario titles with some jaw droppingly gorgeous pixel art animation and a funky original soundtrack to create one of the most vibrant and visually spectacular 2D Mario outings we’ve ever come across.

Super Mario Flashback is a fan made project that’s been in development since 2014. It’s recently switched to a new engine though so the current content is limited to a single level (very) loosely based on level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. It borrows some elements from modern Mario games, such as wall jumps and a 3 hit Mario Galaxy style health bar, but on the whole it handles much like Mario’s classic 2D adventures.

There are a few little bugs, but even in this early stage of development the pixel artwork, character animation and audio are absolutely superb. It’s the little details that really make the visuals pop – such as the way birds and butterflies that fly through the air, the adorable way the Goomba’s wobble along or the way Mario’s hat flutters a when making a quick turn.

The devs hope to add much more in the future, with plans for nine worlds based on classic Mario games, 1080p visuals running at 60fps and two more playable characters (Luigi and Toad). We’ll look forward to seeing more of Super Mario Flashback, because even in it’s current state it’s an absolute delight to see in action – the Mushroom Kingdom has never looked so damn pretty!

Check Out a Super Mario Flashback Gameplay Video Here

Download The Super Mario Flashback Tech Demo Here (Windows)