Super Mario Generations – Alpha Download

Super Mario Generations is essentially a fan made Mario version of Sonic Generations, allowing players to take control of modern and retro versions of Mario and play remixed versions of classic stages.

In Super Mario Generations you can take control of Classic Mario or Modern Mario. Classic Mario plays pretty much the same as in the original Super Mario Bros, but with the addition of a Super Mario World style spin jump. Modern Mario on the other hand has a whole lot of abilities up his sleeve – including wall jumping, triple jumping, ground pounding and long jumping. The health is handled differently for each character too, with Classic Mario using the traditional shrinking/growing mushroom method and Modern Mario using the modern 3 hit energy bar.

There are three levels in the current build of Super Mario Generations, based on the Original Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World and the often forgotten Game Boy classic Super Mario Land. However this actually translates to six unique levels as the levels are totally different depending on whether you’re playing with Classic Mario or Modern Mario. It’s not just the level layouts and graphical styles that are different either – the enemies will behave entirely differently and your character’s physics are notably different.

Super Mario Generations is very much a work in progress and has quite a few bugs and irritations, but it shows a lot of promise. It’s got a lot of great ideas, the levels are very challenging and the differences between the Classic and Modern versions of Mario are substantial. A rough but respectable slice of 2D Mario platforming.

Important Note: To switch versions of Mario press “Shift” and then use the mouse to select which one you want to use (only works in the hub world).

Check Out a Super Mario Generations Gameplay Video Here

Download Super Mario Generations Here (Windows)