Super Mombo Quest – Beta Demo

Super Mombo Quest is a fast paced and beautifully animated 2D pixel art metroidvania platformer where your aim is to kill all the enemies in each area in one glorious long combo.

Currently in development by Orube Game Studio, Super Mombo Quest could really be called “Super Combo Quest”, because that’s what the game’s about – racking up long “Mombo Combos” by killing all the enemies in each of its interconnected levels as fast as possible. When you kill the first enemy in an area then a combo timer appears and quickly decreases until you kill the next enemy or collect gems. If you manage to kill all the enemies in one long combo (or collect all the gems) then you’re granted a Mombo Combo coin that can be used to unlock new areas.

It’s a fun game with fast-paced gameplay, excellent pixel art animation and a vast interconnected world to explore. Your big-tongued character is pretty adorable and they control very well, with a nice amount of agility, speed and responsiveness. What’s more, there’s a real joy to achieving a Mombo Combo on each level thanks to the delightful little fanfare you get each time. A charming combo-tastic platformer well worth jumping on.

Download The Super Mombo Quest Beta Demo Here (Steam)