Super Night Riders – Alpha Demo

Super Night Riders

Super Night Riders is an unashamedly retro arcade bike racer inspired by 80’s classics such as Super Hang on and Road Rash.

You play Alice (aka the Red Racer) as you race through the countryside avoiding other racers and chasing that all important check-point.  Similarly to OutRun, you’re not fighting for positions in a race, rather you’re racing against time – which is in short supply, so any collisions will cost you dearly.  Super Night Riders is still very early in development but the audio is spot on, the core gameplay is already fun and the stripped down visuals do a great job of looking new and shiny, whilst simultaneously feeling comfortingly retro.

It joins the likes of Drift Stage, Slipstream and Power Drive 2000 in the new line of games that are sparking a retro racing revolution – shunning realism and high fidelity visuals, for gameplay with style, speed and (most importantly) fun.  Start your engines, don your helmet and try your best to (super) hang on!

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Download The Super Night Riders Alpha Demo Here (Ctrl is Accelerate)