Super Pilot – Alpha Demo


Super Pilot is a fabulous blend of F-Zero and Super Mario Maker, that will allow players to build and share all manner of high speed anti-gravity tracks and race on them with 50 opponents at breakneck speeds.

As soon as you get behind the wheel of your futuristic anti-gravity racer, you’re hit with a flood of nostalgia for Nintendo’s long dormant racing franchise. The ships handle very well (especially the Vultur), the tracks are wide and packed with twists, turns and loops, and the boost system even works pretty much the same as F-Zero (although there are no re-charge pads). It really is a joy charging through a field of fifty racers at ridiculously fast speeds along the serpentine courses.

Super Pilot is still early in development, but the current build features 2 playable ships, 50 AI opponents to race against, local multiplayer for up to four players, time attack and quick race modes, and (perhaps most importantly) a very easy to use course builder that you can knock up a track in in just a couple of minutes. The devs plan to add a whole host of new features in future builds, including online multiplayer, Championship mode, jumps, boost pads, track sharing and more environments and ships.

We really can’t wait to see more of Super Pilot, a slick and speedy experience that feels like a welcome callback to the glory days of the anti-gravity racer. If the devs deliver with their planned features, it could easily end up being the best F-Zero game ever created (in all but name.)

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Super Pilot Alpha Demo Here (Windows)