Super Retro Chase – Game Jam Build Download

Super Retro Chase is an addictive little vaporwave styled racing game where you race a supercar between checkpoints and drive around them while avoiding the police.

In Super Retro Chase you control a dinky little supercar as it drives around attempting to activate as many checkpoints as possible. You activate the checkpoints by staying within a set circumference of them for a few seconds (which essentially menat you have to drive around them as your car can’t stop). Each activated checkpoint will hurl out cash packages for yoru collect, which you can use to purchase upgrades, but you don’t want to hang around for too long – the police are always on your tail and if you take too much damage then it’s game over!

It’s a simple, but addictive little game with a great visual style and fast paced arcadey car chase gameplay. It’s great for a quick fix of police avoiding action and it’s particularly enjoyable to see the police cars miss, hit each other and explode!

Download or Play Super Retro Chase Here (Download Recommended)