Super Rocket Shootout – Alpha Demo

super rocket shootout

Super Rocket Shootout is a local multiplayer 2d brawler similar to Super Smash Bros or Megabyte Punch.  It supports up to 4 players, has highly destructible environments for you to pummel your friends in, an in-depth combat system inspired by the fighting game genre filled with combos, counters and even super attacks!

There is a cornucopia of game modes to choose from, such as, deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, coop, a bunch of challenges and of course, a story mode.  With a total of 20 levels spanning across 4 different environments, each with their own twists and 8 playable characters that all have their own unique abilities, you’re bound to spend quite a lot of time with this one!  Super Rocket Shootout is still currently in development and aims to release on PC/Mac/Linux and Wii U on a soon to be determined date.

Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Win & Mac)