Super Sellout – Game Jam Build

Even superheroes need to make money! In today’s society, the best way to make money is through sponsorship, but it does come at a price. Super Sellout is a platformer where you must rescue people on top of the roofs while managing sponsorships to earn more money!

At the start of each level in Super Sellout you view a newspaper full of people who want to sponsor you. Over time, more get unlocked. Some sponsorships are simple; branded stickers on your body slowing you down or glasses that make the screen look 3D. Other sponsorships make your life much more challenging; puddles of glue or slime to slow you down, more billboards to be in your way, or banana peels appearing to trip you up. You can pick as many of these sponsors as you’d like, which will increase the money you earn for your time.

Once you have picked your sponsors, you will start your limited time as a superhero! Jumping roof to roof, avoiding traps, you need to help a bunch of people. There are grandmas stuck in trees, people stuck under rocks, children who have dropped ice cream, rabbits trying to pull up carrots, and more. While near one of the people you need to help, you can save them, and gain some money for doing it. You’ll get a set fee for helping, along with a bonus depending on the sponsorships you pick.

This will go on for a set amount of time – you need to jump over gaps and save as many people as you can, to gain the most amount of money possible. If you decide to do something crazy like pick all of the sponsorships you are offered, you’ll have a very challenging time trying to be the superhero the world needs. But, what you end up doing is up to you, as long as you save people and make bank!

Play Super Sellout Here (Browser, Win, Mac, & Linux)