Super SHIELD – Game Jam Build


Super SHIELD is a rotary action arcade game that literally stirs up a chaotic frenzied bout using simple controls.

In the center of the screen, there’s a sparkling circle that must be protected from incoming projectiles. The player uses the left and right mouse buttons to rotate the small shield around the ring, blocking the projectiles. Should three of them pass and hit the ring, it’s game over. Holding the mouse buttons will swing the shield around clockwise or counter-clockwise in a majestic waltz that goes from a simple slide and block, to a mouse-smashing rage. The object is to last as long as possible and obtain your high score.

The projectiles will show up in many varieties. Starting off with simple flames that bounce away when hit with the shield, the attributes evolve as the round goes on. Some will bounce away and come back, others will halt in mid-flight, staggering their onslaught in an almost split-second memory game. Figuring out what order the projectiles paused before continuing their attack is one of the more challenging stages in this frantic firefight. Some projectiles will stick to the ring after being stopped, only to launch away from the ring and throw off the player’s watchful eye.

The simple play style of Super SHIELD is spiced up with the variety of projectiles provided in the game. This makes the challenge and high score worth the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get so far.

Check Out The Greenlight Page HERE

Play Super SHIELD in a Unity Supported Browser HERE

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