Super Smash Monsters – Beta Download

Super Smash Monsters game

Super Smash Monsters is a charming top down dungeon crawling shooter in which you find yourself trapped within a video game world and must blast your way through enemies and bosses to save yourself and your sister from the malevolent King Bit.

King Bit is the ruler of this video game world you’ve been sucked into and he’s holding your sister captive in his fortress. If you ever want to see your sister again and stand any chance of escape from this monster-filled video game world you’ll have to storm his fortress and face off against King Bit in an action packed old school adventure packed full of monster blasting fun.

Drawing inspiration from classics such as Super Smash TV, Super Smash Monsters offers fast paced top down combat as you blast your way through huge swarms of monsters and big boss battles. You’re armed with a shotgun and can collect new weaponry as you progress, and although we’d prefer a few more weapons and power-ups to spice up the proceedings, the gameplay is fast, fluid and fun – offering a real test of your shooting skills as you descend deeper into King Bit’s world.

It’s a fun game with stylish pixel art visuals and fast paced old school top down shooting action. A charming retro run and gun rampage that’s packed full of character.

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available