Super Starcade PANIC – Game Jam Build Download

Super Starcade PANIC Game Download

Super Starcade PANIC, an arcade management game made for Ludum Dare 39, sees you managing your power supply and running your own retro arcade in hopes of keeping the business alive!

Your 80s styled arcade is not making enough money to stay alive, however, you are given 5 days and full control of the arcade to try and bring some life back into it! At the start of each day, you must pay your power bill before picking out and purchasing some games for your arcade. Once you have purchased whatever games you want (and more power, if you need it) you can start your day.

You will have to turn on the electricity for the arcade, then start plugging in machines! Each machine takes up some of your power, so you need to select what to plug in and what to leave off. Every single arcade machine you turn on will need a game to be inserted, so that people can actually need it. Other machines, like candy machines, popcorn machines, and small games can be turned on and left on for people to enjoy.

As children enter your arcade you will get to see how popular the place is and how turning on and off different machines affects the fun rating of your arcade. You will also be able to see how much money each person has to spend by walking near them. Hopefully they will spend enough here to at least pay the electricity and buy more!

Super Starcade PANIC is a wonderful little game, with cheerful pixel art visuals, a fun premise and addictive arcade managing gameplay. Plug in those machines, manage your inventory and hope for the best – the world needs more arcades!

Download Super Starcade PANIC Here (Windows – McAfee May Falsely Flag Download)