SUPER TRUCK – Special CLUSTERTRUCK Prototype Download


SUPER HOT + CLUSTERTRUCK = SUPER TRUCK – a fantastic special prototype that combines two of the coolest games of the year into one glorious fusion of awesome. A hardcore truck jumping platformer in which the trucks only move when you move.

For those unaware of CLUSTERTRUCK, it’s a wonderfully chaotic first person platformer in which you must jump around a herd of stampeding trucks and reach the finish line without touching the ground. It’s an awesome game, and just when you think CLUSTERTRUCK couldn’t get any better, the devs add a new mode that adds the ‘time only moves when you do’ mechanic of SUPERHOT to create a glorious fusion of truck jumping mayhem and super stylish slow mo. The SUPER TRUCK prototype was was released on April the 1st but it’s no joke, it’s awesome, and has now been confirmed as an unlockable mode in the final CLUSTERTRUCK release.

With levels filled with herds of 18 wheelers driven by homicidal maniacs, wonderfully frantic and chaotic truck jumping parkour and now the addition of SUPERHOT-style slow mo, we don’t think this game CLUSTERTRUCK can possibly get any better (but the devs probably still have a few more tricks up their sleeve). Super trucking awesome.

UPDATE: Unfortunately SUPER TRUCK is No Longer Available