Super Untitled Game – Alpha Demo

Super Untitled Game

Super Untitled Game is a fast, fun and super tough old school side-scrolling shooter inspired by Contra, Super Mario Bros 3 and U.N. Squadron, in which you play super cyborg soldiers who are humanity’s last hope against a massive alien invasion.

Featuring beautiful hand drawn pixel art animation and fast paced run and gun action filled with explosions, Super Untitled Game will feel instantly familiar to anyone who played and loved the classic Contra games.  You can play alone or team up with a friend against the alien menace across a world map filled with challenges and secrets, battling huge bosses, and unlocking and upgrading new powerful weaponry.

So why’s it called ‘Super Untitled Game’?  Probably because Konami wouldn’t let them call it Contra 5 (though they really should).  It’s a tough, adrenaline-fuelled run and gun romp, that harkens back to the glory days of arcade gaming.  Bombastic alien blasting stuff.

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Download The Super Untitled Game Alpha Demo HERE (Windows Only)