Super Woden GP 2 – Beta Demo

Super Woden GP 2 is an excellent isometric arcade racing game that looks like Neo Drift Out and plays like SEGA Rally.

A sequel to the 2021 original, Super Woden GP 2 looks like a serious upgrade, with improved visuals, more responsive handling, over 100 vehicles and lots of different race tracks from around the world. The current demo focuses on the rally gameplay and features five cars and eight different tracks from around the world.

The car medals in Super Wodeon GP 2 are excellent, with each one being a near perfect (unlicenced) recreation of a real-life classic. The handling is wonderfully arcadey too, making the game feel a little like an isometric version of Sega Rally. Meanwhile there’s a nice variety in the track design and there are some great little details in the environments. Highly recommended.

Download The Super Woden GP 2 Beta Demo Here (Available For a Limited Time Only)