Super Wolfenstein HD – Prototype Download

super wolfenstein hd

Super Wolfenstein HD is a fantastically fun game from the developers of Broforce, that introduces hilarious ‘realistic’ physics and fully destructible environments to the classic Nazi shooting gameplay of Wolfenstein 3D.

Even in the prototype stages of development, Super Wolfenstein HD is a blast.  The realistic physics are a particular standout, allowing for some seriously funny moments when you knock down guards and they jerk around on the floor trying to get up.  All the walls are completely destructible too, with you able to bash your way through them to unearth hidden stashed of ammo and health.

Super Wolfenstein HD only features a few levels at the moment, but they’re a riot from start to finish, as you stab, shoot and bash your way through jelly legged guards, vicious attack dogs and even a couple of bosses.  A gloriously glitchy mess, full of destruction and chaotic hilarity.  Highly Recommended.

Check out the Devs website HERE

Download the Prototype HERE (Don’t use Chrome, Google Hates GameJolt Downloads)

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  1. This one was a lot of fun. Quick, but if they developed 5+ hours of levels, I’d of played straight through to the end.

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