Superbike Xtreme – Alpha Demo

Superbike Xtreme is a challenging MotoRacer 1 inspired motorbike racer that aims to deliver an authentic 90’s arcade racing experience.

The old school arcade gameplay of Superbike Xtreme is simple, but fun and extremely challenging. The controls are limited to turning left and right, accelerating, braking and wheelieing. Popping a wheelie doesn’t just make you look cool – it actually makes you go faster, but you sacrifice a little stability and turning ability.

The current demo build features a single track where you race against 15 other competitors. As in the games it’s inspired by, to race well you’ll need to learn the track and use braking and precision turning. You really can’t just hold the accelerator down and bounce off the sides of the track – you lose far too much speed and you’ll be in last place in seconds.

It’s takes a little getting used to (and you’ll come dead last on your first few attempts) but Superbike Xtreme is a fun game that rewards skill and does a great job of recreating the feel of the 90s arcade racer. All it needs is a big plastic motorbike peripheral to sit on while you play it!

Check Out a Superbike Xtreme Gameplay Video Here

Download The Superbike Xtreme Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Linux)