Supercontinent LTD – Game Jam Build Download


Supercontinent LTD, a mysterious, well crafted point and click adventure made for the Ludum Dare 36, has you attempting to hack a large company using old technology you are unsure how to deal with – a landline telephone!

You have been hired to get some information about Supercontient LTD – a company pulling off a major coop tonight! You have broken into their office, but instead of a computer sitting on the CEO’s desk, there is only an old landline telephone. This is not something you have seen before and you have no way of hacking it. Instead of a simple in and out job, you now are stuck working with this telephone to find all of the information needed for the guy who hired you.

Fortunately your client is able to help you out by looking up any people you need and getting their medical records. With the medical records and your futuristic technology, you are able to change your voice into other people’s voices to help you communicate through the phone. With the information around the office, your voice changing abilities, and this telephone, you are able to collect all of the information you need for your mission. This will not be easy, however, as there are many other little operations at play that you did not know about. Don’t worry, you will discover everything that is going on soon enough…

It’s a witty little adventure, with inventive puzzle design and a fabulous concept.  It’s great fun figuring out how to use this ‘ancient’ piece of technology to deceive and hack your way into this giant corporation!

Tip: There may not be any computers in the game, but windows still play a significant role!

Download Supercontinent LTD Here (Win Only)