Superfighters Deluxe is a fun multi-player 2D platform shooter akin to Super Smash Bros and Crash Commando that features little men shooting, stabbing, mashing, smashing, burning and blowing each other into tiny bits.  It’s a bigger, better version of the original Superfightersoffering online multiplayer, improved melee combat, more character cutomisation and lots of other improvements.

Fights are generally quite short affairs, starting with a dash to pick up the weapons that are scattered across the level, then all out war as all 8 players fight for their survival, with the last man standing being crowned the winner.  The retro graphical style and customisation options add a lot of charm, while the levels are well designed, looking like 1 screen pieces of pixel-art, scattered with explosives and destructible scenery.  It’s a fun game filled with a plenty of chaos and there’s always plenty of games ongoing, so you won’t be short of people to play with.

Download the Pre-Alpha HERE – make sure you read the Instructions at the bottom of the screen as there is no tutorial implemented yet