Superliminal – Limited Time Demo

Superliminal is a wonderfully inventive perspective-based first person puzzle adventure where the size and shape of an object is strangely malleable, and is dependent on depth and perspective.

After falling asleep during a TV commercial for “Dr.Pierce’s Somnasculpt dream therapy program” you find yourself in a dreamworld where the normal rules of physics don’t apply. Superliminal’s strange dream-world is full of puzzles based on forced-perspective and optical illusions. A world where the size and shape of an object can be very different depending on the angle and the distance you’re viewing it from.

The Superliminal demo build takes around 15 minutes to play through and It’s a fascinating experience exploring and experimenting with its surreal perspective based dream-world. The visuals are beautiful and understated, there’s lots of clever bits of visual trickery and the puzzles are very creative. It doesn’t just ask you to think outside of the box, it asks you to shrink the box, flatten it, fold it up into a paper airplane and throw it away. A mind-bending puzzle adventure that’s all about seeing things from the right perspective. Highly recommended.

Superliminal is Available Now on the Epic Store

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Superliminal Demo Here (Only Available For the Next 4 Days)