Supermarket Shriek – Beta Demo

Supermarket Shriek is a very silly little obstacle course racing game where a man and a goat in a shopping trolley scream to propel themselves around various hazard-filled supermarkets.

In Supermarket Shriek you take control of a man and a goat as they sit side-by-side in a shopping trolley. When the goat screams the trolley will turn right, when the man screams the trolley will turn left and if they both scream then the trolley will go straight forward. You can either control them using a control pad (using the triggers to activate the goat and the man’s screaming) or you can hook up a couple of microphones and you and a buddy can literally scream your way through the game.

The current build of Supermarket Shriek features a handful of levels and sees you racing around supermarkets as fast as possible while avoiding the various hazards in your way. The scream-powered shopping trolley handles surprisingly well and there’s a nice variety to the different layouts of the tracks. The full game will also feature a full campaign and PvP party modes for 2-8 players.

It’s a fun game with a delightfully silly premise, a nice sense of humor and lots of great little touches in the level design. Obviously it’s much easier using a control pad, but it’s more fun using microphones – as long as your voice holds out!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Supermarket Shriek Beta Demo Here (Steam)