Superstatic – Alpha Demo


Superstatic is essentially Hotline Miami with the ability to possess your enemies, sending them on a murderous rampage while you hide behind a corner.

You’re tasked with breaking out of a prison and tracking down the people who created the drug which has given you strange powers.  While it’s possible to go through levels guns blazing, most of the time this just ends with you bleeding out on the floor.

In superstatic it’s far safer (and more fun) for you to send in an invisible ‘copy’ of yourself which can cause distractions and posses enemy characters.  Once you posses a character you can simply go on a rampage, shooting everyone in sight, then when everyone’s dead you simply switch back to your main character and stroll out the door.  You’re not all powerful, you do have some limitations, but it’s great fun messing about with your abilities.

.The current build is still very early in development, but the fun ‘copy’ mechanic is great fun to play around with – Paranormal Hotline.

UPDATE: Alpha Demo no Longer Available