Suraisu Ninja: Sukuta Simulator – Game Jam Build Download

Suraisu Ninja Sukuta Simulator

Suraisu Ninja: Sukuta Simulator, a fast paced arcade game made for the Bad Boxart Challenge, has you controlling a scooter and hurling a ninja up into the air to slay skulls.

In this world, Ninja’s have one trusty tool; scooters. These scooters help the ninjas gain momentum to jump high, catch them when they fall, and bash into enemies as to defeat them. Ninjas, as you must know, need to be fast, so you must throw your ninja up into the sky after quickly rushing your scooter around. The ninja will then need to bump into skeleton heads or other white ninjas to kill them. You can even rack up combos and earn more points by smashing more than one enemy while airborne. If you do not kill anything, a bar at the bottom of the screen will slowly go down. Once it runs out, the game will be over.

Portals also appear in the sky. If your ninja bumps into one of those, he will be transported to another random area of the screen. So be on the lookout – you must catch him when he falls. White ninjas also fall from the sky occasionally. If your ninja doesn’t smash into them, you can ram your scooter into the ninja. If the white ninja does make it to your scooter, it will take control of you, causing the blue ninja to fail.

It’s your job, as the ninja’s only tool, to protect and aid your master. Don’t let him down!

Download Suraisu Ninja: Sukuta Simulator Here (Win Only)