Surveillant – Game Jam Build Download

surveillant 2

Surveillant is a first person sci-fi horror game by Space Octopus Studios, created for the Asylum Game Jam 2013. The game sees you taking on the role of an engineer on a spaceship full of robotic crew members, all seemingly dormant.

As you start to complete your daily actions of checking the ships navigation and security, it’s clear something is amiss and you steadily discover that the ships own A.I. has in some way become compromised. Looking for a way off out, you enter room after room filled with either the bloody remains of a struggle, or a collection of creepy looking powered-down robots.

It’s here that the game’s horror elements ramp up considerably, as suddenly those once dormant robots you’ve seen everywhere begin to come to life. In a game of cat(s) and mouse, it’s your job to initiate the escape pods and make your way to the exit fast, avoiding the ship’s sentient assailants at all costs.

Surveillant is full of nice touches and does a great job of setting up the atmosphere, taking it’s time with a delicate approach to scares rarely seen in indie horror titles that adds a huge amount to the overall unsettling feel of the game’s opening. CCTV cameras slowly track your movement from room to room, the soundtrack rises and swells accordingly to the action, and although short in length (given it’s 48 hour development) is a very polished affair, and one we’d most certainly like to see more of.

Download Surveillant Here (Win & Mac)