Survival of the Fetus – Kickstarter Demo

Survival of the Fetus is a fast paced arcade game that feels like a spiritual prequel to The Binding of Isaac as you control a fetus in the uterus of a mother who swallows pills, eats junk food, takes up boxing and does many other things which may cause your demise.

Survival of the Fetus features a narrative, artwork and quirky animated cutscenes that are fondly reminiscent of The Binding of Isaac, but the gameplay is very different. Each level is set in a different day following your conception and sees you dodging and attacking hazards that are damaging to your health, with an aim of surviving to birth.

You move the fetus around the womb by grabbing it and moving the mouse. There’s a nice mixture of hazards in each level, helping to mix up the gameplay and keep you on your toes. Some levels may see you attacking pills before they’re absorbed by the placenta, some may see you navigating deadly mazes and there are even boss-fight style battles.

Obviously the subject matter may draw fire from pro-life or pro-choice camps, but it really doesn’t seem to have an agenda other than offering a reflex-testing slice of arcade action in a novel setting. It’s a fun game with excellent animation and a quirky sense of humor. The Kickstarter has just started – hopefully they add a stretch goal that sees the fetus slowly morph into Isaac as the game goes on!

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Download The Survival of the Fetus Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows)