Survivor Mercs – Open Beta

Survivor Mercs is a rogue-lite bullet-heaven game where you blast your way through huge swarms of enemies with a squad of elite mercenaries.

The core gameplay in Survivor Mercs is pretty similar to Vampire Survivors, with you blasting enemies, earning upgrades and collecting loot. You control a commander who is followed by their squad in battle, so you have multiple units attacking the enemy at once. The loot you collect during matches can be used to unlock permanent upgrades, allowing you to build up your base, recruit new merc, buy better gear, research upgrades and buy new maps.

It’s unlikely to topple Vampire Survivors from its throne, but Survivor Mercs look like a fun take on the bullet-heaven genre and it’s nice that you have a little help on the battlefield. The playtest will take place over the weekend, so jump in now to see if you can lead your mercs to glory.

Join In The Survivor Mercs Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)